PATS (Paperless Applicant Tracking System)

PATS (Paperless Applicant Tracking System)



PATS (Paperless Applicant Tracking System)

Project Overview

Platform: nhibernate | dotnet 4.0 | Telerik | AJAX Controls | SQL Server 2008

This is a Recruitment Solution. This system is being used by many Law firms, Education Institutes and Government Organizations across US and Canada. We have implemented APIs and integrated this Recruitment System to several third party products like PeopleSoft, TeacherMatch, QuickBooks etc. It includes lot of Complex Algorithms like:

-Auto Email Senders

-Scheduled Workflow Processing

-Audit History Logging For Every Update, With Performance.

Timeframe & Workload

Duration: ongoing project

Team Effort: 4 Developers & 1 Designer

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An IT Software Development Company.