Think Green

The following are some of the ways Wizorbit is contributing to make Our Planet "GREEN":


Virtual Meetings :

Wizorbit being a Software Solution Provider understand the importance, practice and promotes web-based meetings and communication. With our customer base spanning across the globe - starting from United States of America, Europe, UAE, India to Australia, web-based meetings are critical to reduce emissions, save time lessening travel and at the same time work very closely with our customers.

Energy Star Compliant Systems :

Wizorbit is fully running on Energy Star-certified equipments, power is precious.

Efficient Servers :

Wizorbit is deploying Power-efficient Servers to utilize power efficiently, by utilizing the standby mode on the servers, power demand is lowered significantly.

Use of Sleep Mode :

Monitors, Printers, and Servers are configured to run in sleep mode on to conserve energy. Machines are set up to automatically revert to stand by when not being used.

Virtualization :

Its the "Next Big Thing" towards reducing the demand for energy and hardware substantially. Virtualization greatly lowers energy consumption while reducing the amount of equipment needed.

Flat Screen :

At Wizorbit, we have most efficient LCD flat-screen monitors in use.

Power Management Settings :

User power management settings are being implemented by management and staff to encourage energy efficiency at work and at home.

Recycle or Dispose Responsibly:

Wizorbit believes in reusing and recycling materials or take care in disposing non recyclable items in an eco-friendly manner.

Wizorbit is dedicated to preserving our environment and conserving the precious resource. By employing the new energy efficient technology and continually improving ourselves and our systems on these issues, Wizorbit is constantly becoming more environmentally friendly every day.

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An IT Software Development Company.