Bilasi Devi Gattani Hospital

Bilasi Devi Gattani Hospital


Gattani Hospital Udaipur



Bilasi Devi Gattani Hospital

Project Overview

Platform: Joomla

Bilasi Devi Gattani hospital is one of the oldest and most famous hospital of Udaipur. The services offered here are modern and are of world class. This website also serve their purpose to the mass audience. The website includes all the information about the hospital services and Doctors. The highlight of the website is its unique Form to check the severance of one's Piles problem known as GKC Form. The gallery provides the glimpse of the facilities offered at the hospital. The services section gives the complete details about the types of services in the hospital. It contains all the features of modern and elegant website.

Timeframe & Workload

Team Effort:  1 Developer & 1 Designer


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